Mark Zuckerberg makes me cringe.

So as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Facebook announced something known as the metaverse. A scaled down virtual reality world.

Here’s the keynote if you wanna know more:

So lets jump right in. I think this idea is fundamentally flawed on a few levels:

  • Power Grid: The idea of investing your life into a virtual reality in a world as unstable as this is a foolhardy endeavor. It literally takes one major outage/fire and you’re efforts are wasted. It’s one thing if we were in a utopia type situation but there is literal resource scarcity right now and this is supposed to be an effective use of those resources?
  • Facebook in charge?: I wouldn’t trust that company to do the right thing if everyone’s lives depended on it. They can also likely seize your account/credits if they so choose – why give them that much power?
  • Greater invasion of privacy: Now they will know how you move around, how your behavior works, how awkward you likely are and more. They already know so much, why give them more? That’s your info they made $29B in profits off of.
  • WFH for all?: Yo, this pandemic has taught me one thing and its that flexible arrangements are the way to go- a combo of WFH and office. I don’t want to be at home plugged in 8H a day only interacting with people through the metaverse.
  • Technology: Yeah sure we can have all the humanoid style people we want, but just to properly render an eye it takes 30K resolution and we don’t even have that tech let alone at an affordable price. This is maybe 10-20 years off before its ever fully realized. This will give people massive headaches/nausea if they are in it for 5H a day. It’s too soon.

All in all, I think it will be heavily rejected by the market unless Facebook truly creates some killer solution that solves major issues.

I want to take a moment to get into the philosophical aspect of why this doesn’t work and why virtual reality will have a hard time taking off (unless certain factors like climate change come into play).

What do people actually hope for in their RPG experiences?

I think it’s a sense of freedom & progression. It represents new worlds and new beginnings that aren’t bogged down by reality.

There’s just one problem though…it’s not real progression!

It’s very easy to justify progression in a video game because real life doesn’t buy into it as often, forcing you to invest in your current reality as much as your virtual one. There is clear separation between what is real progression IRL vs what’s inside a game. If the metaverse concept takes off – than “real life” progression is tied to what’s inside of a boring VR game?

If IRL life becomes a VR Game , then worth of a human life for the vast majority is relatively “meaningless” in the objective sense as you aren’t accruing material skills/land/etc. Personally you may feel different but you won’t be able to shake the feeling that you aren’t actually doing anything. That cognitive dissonance for a good number of people will always remain and that’s a problem when you could be investing in alternate future for yourself.

The only scenario where I think a takeover is viable is an apocalyptic mad max type scenario where the real world is so bleak that even the slightest reprieve is worth it to most.

Who would really be progressing if not for mark zuckerburg / elites who profit and live in the real world while the rest of the world is earning facebook points living in digital mansions while actually crammed in a 1 bedroom studio apartment?

Anything short of some matrix level tech – you can’t even learn interesting physical skills in the metaverse so lets say you bought a mansion and had your friends visit – you guys can’t go horseback riding, play real bowling, or any of these things. Just kiddie air acting versions – dilution of the human energy at its finest. You aren’t truly enjoying an opera – you’re enjoying a virtual representation of an opera – a ghost, a shadow of the real thing.

This is why I’m developing RPG Philosophy. I wanna pull a reverse-Meta and make real life as engaging as the virtual one. By pulling elements of VR/RPG’s out rather than putting ourselves in – then we are truly living & progressing again in a shared absolute reality that is not fickle to the whims of power / electricity.

People in power would obviously prefer everyone huddled in their bedrooms earning capital for them online – but YOU have to take back that autonomy, they will not relinquish it.

Make your life into the RPG and play the game for the rest of your life. Am I rambling-100%. But who cares , at least I’m writing consistently again šŸ˜€

Till the next one, I got lots more coming.

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