The sentence in the title may ruffle some feathers but in this post I’m hoping to do a deep dive in my approach to the idea that this blog is built on. If I’m going to do what I’m after, it’s important to explain the reasoning behind it.

I wholeheartedly expect people to brush this off as child like ideation. A desire to escape; and to be fair – I wouldn’t blame them. It’s a very logical conclusion to reach based on the typical understanding of rpg games/worlds and it seems very silly. It may also be treated with a sense of naivety/contempt as it may seem to downplay the seriousness of reality (ie “there are no second lives here”, “a fuckup can cost you big time”). I assure you, this is not my intention.

This is merely a holistic attempt at re framing reality in an age of declining religion, increased media pressures, and overall sense of despair and take back some of the mental narrative in a context that youth understand. It is not to downplay reality – but to truly thrive in the rules given in an objective manner. To not get hung up over the meaning of existence (unless you choose to pursue that quest line) and to simply, play the game. To be able to do that with this philosophy seeped into your bones I suspect will lead to incredible results (time will tell if this is true, as I myself am still at the beginning of hammering down what all this is about).

Let us begin!

The Games of Nature

Look around in the natural world and what will you see? You will see insects weeding about looking for food and laying eggs, you will see mammals taking care of their young, and predators hunting their prey. But what are these activities if not hardwired biological games.

The natural world lacks awareness of the greater context but they all know deep within – they have a biological purpose in this moment. They all have a game to play.

The gazelle knows what game it’s playing with the lion because it’s embedded in its DNA. Yet human society has made us lose touch with our place in the natural world. We frame ourselves as distinct and separate while carrying the same proclivities/instincts as the animals we claim superiority over. They have their games to play and we have ours.

The paleolithic caveman understands the game is to survive, nothing more, nothing less. To survive against its predators long enough raise the young to defend themselves and continue – this is the core game all living organisms are here to play. Once these objectives are completed – then truly one is living in blessed extra time; you have passed on the game to the next generation. The New game plus if you will- play if you like, retire or wither if you don’t.

Humans are unique in this however. We have succeeded so greatly that we can ignore even the most fundamental game and pursue something else entirely if we so choose/ are brave enough to pursue. Most however will still play the fundamental game.

The Games of Labor

When one pursues work , what is he doing if not playing a game?

Press these buttons, do this labor, solve these problems, and get rewarded for your effort. Much how you grind to gain XP by doing laborious tasks in your favourite RPG – you do precisely the same in the real world. The work was always intended to be a grind – but it’s crucial to chase XP that actually matters to you (more on this in the next post). Some grinds pay better than others – but are harder to gain a foothold in. Such are the challenges put forth by those stronger than you in the game.

The doctor plays the game of healing, each patient a new challenge.

A CEO plays the game of business, each competitor gnawing at his heels.

The hunt for labor is a game. The rewards themselves are quite often games — take this wealth – but will you spend it wisely? Upgrade your character to reach harder locales/higher ranks? Get others to join your cause?

Truly, the games are everywhere and never ending.

All over the world these games are being played in slightly different ways, different cultures with different nuances and rules. Most would not challenge themselves in this way, but this is another possibility – playing your current games in a different region…

But I digress. Life is truly a game and let no human dictate otherwise. Wether it’s the games of God (gaining karma/ good deeds) or the games of man, we are all a part of a most unique test.

I write this to you, not to confuse you; but to live with a new perspective/added lens. If you truly ponder over all that I have just stated, then lose the seriousness of struggle/failures! And play with the game in mind! Reflect on the games in your own life and how well you are playing!

That is the core purpose of this endeavor.

In future posts I will go explore what role the player is playing in this experience as a human (how to understand the game for yourself), the role of death, The meaning of the map (Earth) in the context of this philosophy, and much more.

The practical elements are coming don’t worry friends, I will explain the framework of the character and how I choose to structure my endeavors. But only when I feel tapped out/said what I initially needed to say on the theory front.

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